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NWF.334/June 26, 2014
Enviro, Fishing Groups Say Latest BiOp Still Flawed
Environmental and fishing groups filed their challenge June 17 to the newest incarnation of the federal plan to keep Columbia Basin dams going and ESA-listed stocks growing. ...more
Harvest Managers Keep Counting Chinook, Sockeye Coming On Strong
Just as the spring Chinook run was drawing to a close, Columbia Basin harvest managers upgraded their forecast once again from their preseason level of 227,000 fish. On June 9, they said they now expected 243,000 springers to enter the mouth of the river this year. This is a far cry from some estimates in recent years, when managers were overly optimistic in their fish prognostications. ...more
Tribes Quash Science Review Of Draft F&W Program
After lower Columbia tribes complained about the timing and possible policy implications of a review of the draft F&W program by the Independent Scientific Advisory Board, the panel that oversees its work agreed with them, and has decided to pull the plug on the effort. The Northwest Power and Conservation Council had asked for the ISAB review as part of its process to complete the latest revision of the F&W program. ...more
Corps Declares War On Lower Columbia Cormorant Colony
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is calling for public comment on the draft EIS for its plan to reduce double-crested cormorant predation on juvenile salmonids in the Columbia River Estuary. ...more
BPA Fish Costs Total Nearly $14 Billion
BPA's fish and wildlife costs since 1978 add up to a tidy $13.75 billion, according to a draft report to Northwest governors compiled by staffers of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council. ...more
Nearly All Hatchery Fish Sport Clipped Fins, Says New Report
A new report completed by the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission says that most Columbia Basin hatchery fish now sport a clipped fin, compared to the far lower number of fish marked in 2000. The clipped adipose fin makes it much easier to identify hatchery fish that are spawning with wild fish. ...more

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