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NWF.333/June 5, 2014
Spring Chinook Losses Above Bonneville Remain A Mystery
Research conducted last year has found that nearly 20 percent of radio-tagged adult spring Chinook went missing in the lower Columbia River between Bonneville and McNary dams. The BiOp-mandated research is trying to help figure out why adult survival of some ESA-listed Snake River salmon and steelhead stocks have dropped below performance standards mandated in the latest biological opinion. ...more
Chinook May Face Heavy Sea Lion Predation In Lower Columbia
California sea lions may be chewing their way through nearly one-third of the Columbia River's spring Chinook run before the fish ever get to Bonneville Dam, according to preliminary results of recent research from a small group of NOAA Fisheries scientists working near Astoria. ...more
Minijacks -- A Major Headache At Some Hatcheries
Three NOAA Fisheries researchers from the agency's science center in Seattle have taken a fresh look at some Northwest hatcheries and found a troubling tendency that's hampering supplementation efforts. ...more
Some CWT Funding Realigned After State Talks
More than two years after customer groups and others called for BPA to reduce its annual spending on Columbia Basin fish tagging programs, the power marketing agency is still working on it. ...more
Spring Run Still Coming On Strong
Columbia Basin harvest managers have bumped up their spring Chinook forecast to 234,000 fish (to river mouth) from 224,000 and gave commercial and sport fishers more time on the river. For the past two weeks, daily counts have been running above the 10-year average. ...more
Fishing Groups Take Aim At 2014 Hydro Biop In 9th Circuit
A group of fishing and conservation organizations have filed a petition in the 9th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals challenging BPA's Record of Decision that approved NOAA Fisheries' 2014 hydro BiOp. ...more

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