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NWF.332/May 15, 2014
F&W Program Draft Calls For More Spending
The Northwest Power and Conservation Council has released a draft of the region's newest fish and wildlife plan, and has called for public comment through July 9. ...more
West Coast Sea Snails Show Signs Of Ocean Acidification
Ocean researchers from NOAA Fisheries have published new findings documenting shell deterioration on tiny snails up to a half-inch long called pteropods, and say the likely cause is increasing ocean acidification. ...more
NOAA Salmon Predictors Do More With Less
NOAA Researcher Brian Burke says the quantitative fish predictions his agency has produced over the past few years were not necessarily done to create numerical forecasts, "but to understand how the ecosystem works." ...more
Big Spring Chinook Run On Track, Managers Say
Columbia Basin fish managers on May 7 gave lower river gillnetters another day to fish, after updating the upriver spring Chinook run size to at least 185,000 fish (to river mouth). More than 130,000 springers had been counted at Bonneville Dam by then, which already bested last year's count. It was also only the halfway point in the run, according to returns from the past 10 years. The daily count peaked on April 30, when more than 17,000 springers were counted--4,000 more fish than returned during the entire spring of 1995. ...more
Wanapum Fish Ladder Performing Well
Salmon and steelhead are negotiating the modified fish ladders at Wanapum Dam just fine, according to information released at a May 12 briefing for the Priest Rapids Coordination Committee. In fact, things are going so smoothly, that the trap and haul backup program at Priest Rapids Dam is being suspended for the rest of the spring. ...more
Wild Fish Folks Block Hatchery Releases In Puget Sound
The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has agreed to a huge cut in the near-term releases of early winter hatchery steelhead in Puget Sound, after wild fish advocates began litigation over the issue in March. ...more
Increased Odds Of El Niño By Summer's End, Says NOAA
NOAA's Climate Prediction Center says there is a 65 percent chance that an El Niño will begin by late summer, according to a group of climate models that put the chance at even odds last month. ...more

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