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NWF.328/February 20, 2014
1.6 Million Fall Chinook Expected In Columbia
Nearly a million fall chinook are expected to return to the Hanford Reach alone, Columbia Basin harvest managers said Feb 13, when they released their preseason forecast, which included a little smiley face next to the upriver bright prognostication. ...more
Nearly A Million Coho Predicted For Columbia River
Columbia Basin harvest managers are predicting that 983,000 coho will return to the Columbia River this year, split nearly evenly between early and late runs. That handily beats last year's disappointing 301,000-fish return, when managers had expected half a million fish. Higher jack coho returns at Bonneville Dam in 2013 is one of the signals that boosted their optimism for a larger return in 2014, despite being off by 70 percent in 2013. ...more
BPA Says Oregon's Spill Proposal Is Over The Top
BPA sent a preliminary analysis of Oregon's spill proposal to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council that says such an action would reduce power production by about 600 aMW a year, or about half the annual output of the Columbia Generating Station, the region's lone nuke plant. ...more
Wetter Weather Boosts Water Supply: Columbia Near Normal
The Columbia Basin's April-to-September water supply got a real shot in the arm over the past several weeks, after a high-pressure system off the Northwest coast finally broke down and more precipitation headed our way. ...more
Science Panel Reviews F&W "Expert Panel" Process
The Independent Scientific Advisory Board has given qualified approval to the expert panel that judges how much benefit BiOp-mandated estuary actions will have on improving juvenile fish numbers. But the ISAB's Feb. 12 review says the scoring criteria used by the panel is only partially based on sound science. ...more
Enviros Bill Feds Over Hydro BiOp Litigation
Attorneys for Earthjustice, which has represented environmental and fishing groups who have successfully challenged federal agencies in federal court several times over the government's salmon plans, sent the feds another bill last week for services rendered. ...more
CBFWA Closeout Process Nears End
Funding for the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Foundation--the fiscal arm of the Columbia Basin Fish and Wildlife Authority (CBFWA)--will end June 30, said Foundation President Jann Eckman on Feb. 11. ...more
Scientists Say Oregon's Spill Proposal Not Ready For Prime Time
The independent science panel tasked with judging the merits of a proposed 10-year spill test at federal dams is not convinced the action would boost fish returns as proponents have claimed, or if the region can even determine whether or not it would benefit them, given the long list of variables that affect salmonids from the time they leave the river until they come back, years later. ...more

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