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NWF.327/January 31, 2014
NOAA Releases Supplemental Hydro BiOp To Satisfy Judge's Concerns
NOAA Fisheries announced Jan. 17 that its newest tweaks to the region's salmon plan will assure that federal dam operations do not jeopardize the existence of ESA-listed salmon and steelhead in the Columbia Basin. In fact, the agency said some of its actions have already shown more benefit than anticipated. ...more
New BiOp Stays The Course, Says Latest Implementation Plan
Before the latest BiOp rolled out Jan. 17, participants in the latest remand process said there would be no big surprises, compared to the draft released last September. ...more
Action Agencies Raise More Questions Over Spill Proposal
Officials from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers say its most recent data shows that federal dam operations are already beating juvenile fish-passage criteria included as goals of a controversial spill proposal. ...more
Judge Tosses Out Management Plan For Sandy Hatchery Operations
A federal judge has agreed with two Oregon-based conservation groups that the National Marine Fisheries Service should have completed a full-blown EIS regarding hatchery operations and their effects on ESA-listed wild fish populations in the Sandy River, a Columbia River tributary east of Portland. ...more
BPA Gets Congressional Complaint Over Fish-Tag Funding Flap
BPA's decision flew in the face of a recommendation from the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, and the congressional letter calls for the power marketing agency to restore the funding. ...more
Water Supply Declines To 82 Percent At The Dalles
Persistent high pressure off the West Coast has translated into a much drier than normal winter so far, as the jet stream has cycled storms north to Alaska over much of the past several months. As the water year ticks on, the April-September water supply at The Dalles is now pegged at 82 percent of average, down from 97 percent on Jan. 8. This year's water supply is currently ranked 46th highest out of the past 54-year water record. ...more
Analysis: Déjà Vu, All Over Again, And Again
I was cleaning out an old file cabinet last week and came across a treasure trove of old articles, studies, speeches, legal briefs, hate mail, and other assorted information hiding there since the mid-1990s, when I first started covering the fish beat. ...more

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