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NWF.326/January 9, 2014
Regional Views On Salmon Recovery Aired In New Report
The results of a NOAA Fisheries-sponsored survey of regional attitudes on salmon recovery has been packaged in a 56-page review that distilled the important elements from more than 200 interviews conducted with various stakeholders in the region--tribes, conservation groups, scientists, politicians, sport and commercial fishing groups, and utilities. But If NOAA was looking for a common thread to guide its way into the future, it was not that evident. ...more
Council Sends Spill Proposal To ISAB For Scientific Review
The Northwest Power and Conservation Council has asked the Independent Scientific Advisory Board to review a proposed amendment to the region's Fish & Wildlife program that calls for conducting a 10-year "test" by boosting spring spill at federal dams. ...more
Mostly Rosy Fish Predictions For 2014
After 2013's huge fall Chinook return, Columbia Basin harvest managers are calling for another monster return of bright fall Chinook in 2014. Harvest managers said on Dec. 12 that 2013 jack counts are the second highest since 1985 and 1986 and that the 2014 return could be similar to the 2013 run, which came back at nearly twice the 555,400-fish prediction. ...more
Despite High 2011 Flows, Spill, Barging Still Benefited Some Stocks
The latest results from the Fish Passage Center's ongoing Comparative Survival Study show that in 2011, inriver migrating wild Snake spring smolts fared better in the long run than their barged cohort, but some Snake hatchery stocks still benefited from the transport program. ...more
Water Supply Climbing in Northwest Basins
With plenty of precipitation heading for the Northwest this week, the region may finally break out of the unusual dry spell that has been most of November and December. The Columbia Basin above The Dalles has received only 48 percent of its average precipitation since Oct. 1. Above Coulee, it's been 62 percent of average, while the Snake River Basin above Ice Harbor has received only 41 percent of average. ...more

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