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NWF.325/December 12, 2013
Analysis: Treaty Talk--Facts and Fiction of 'Ecosystem Function'
As the U. S. entity finishes up with its final recommendation for the future of the Columbia River Salmon Treaty with Canada, due Dec. 13, the long dialog over adding a "third leg of the stool" -- an ecosystem function -- to flood control and power generation as main elements has generated some serious head-scratching for some river watchers, including me, over just what "ecosystem function" means. ...more
BPA To Reduce Its Share Of Fish-Tag Spending
BPA has rejected a recommendation by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council to maintain its current $7.5 million in annual funding share for coded-wire fish-tagging operations in the Columbia Basin, and will instead cut about $2.5 million from the program. ...more
Smolt Researchers Keep On Trackin'
Researchers who have tracked juvenile salmon off the mouth of the Columbia River say each species can take a different tack once it hits the salt water -- some hang around, some head north, others move straight offshore -- and the direction they go may also be influenced by wind and currents in the vicinity. ...more
Corps Prepares For Battle With Hungry Birds
The Corps of Engineers' Walla Walla Division has completed a draft environmental assessment of its proposed plan to improve ESA-listed juvenile salmonid survival in the mid-Columbia region by reducing avian predation and accepted public comment until Dec. 2. ...more
2014 Spring, Fall Runs Predicted To Be Very Good
Columbia Basin harvest managers say next year's upriver spring Chinook run could be one of the best in decades, if their preseason estimated comes true. Their 227,000-fish return is based on the high jack returns in 2013, and nearly twice the number that returned this year. ...more
Latest Results From Corps' Annual Research Review
The Corps of Engineers' Walla Walla Division hosted its annual research review Dec. 3-5, where regional scientists reported their latest results on barging fish, dealing with birds and developing performance standards for survival at lower Snake dams. They also reported on development of an injectable acoustic tag to aid in tracking ever smaller juvenile salmon. ...more

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