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NWF.324/November 7, 2013
FPC Memo Defends CSS Spill Analysis
An Oct. 6 memo from the Fish Passage Center to Ed Bowles, fish division administrator at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, contains comments that are critical of the draft BiOp and NOAA's decision to nix a proposal to boost spill levels being pushed by the state of Oregon, along with fishing and conservation groups. ...more
Groups Sue EPA Over Washington's Fish-Consumption Standard
Several fishing and conservation groups have sued EPA to change its yardstick for estimating the daily amount of fish safe for Washington residents to eat. The estimate is used to help determine water-quality standards, and any increase would likely tighten those standards in the future. ...more
Fall Chinook Run Nearly Over, Finally
The largest fall Chinook return since Bonneville Dam was built in 1938 is finally winding down. ...more
Juvenile Steelhead Survival Down This Year
NOAA Fisheries researchers announced preliminary results last week for juvenile PIT tagged fish survival through the hydro system in 2013. For yearling Chinook, survival from the tailrace of Lower Granite Dam on the Snake River to the tailrace of Bonneville Dam amounted to nearly 62 percent, the third highest in the 1999-2013 time frame. ...more
Some Steller Sea Lions Delisted From ESA
NOAA Fisheries announced last week the eastern population of Steller sea lions has recovered and can be delisted from the ESA. It's the first species removed from protection of the federal law by NOAA since 1994, when it delisted the Northern Pacific gray whale. ...more
Council Approves More Funding For Yakima Coho Hatchery
The Northwest Power and Conservation Council approved nearly $700,000 for planning, design work and environmental compliance for a coho hatchery on the Yakima River, to be operated by the Yakama Tribe. It's just the second step in a long-term proposal to bring back coho, along with summer and fall Chinook, to the Yakima in large enough numbers to support tribal fisheries and self-sustaining fish populations. ...more
Power Council Recommends 75 F&W Projects
At its November 5 meeting in Boise, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council voted to recommend that BPA fund 75 F&W projects, after an independent science review. Most are ongoing and focus on improving freshwater habitat for salmon and steelhead. ...more
B.C. Draft Seeks Continued But Improved Columbia River Treaty
One of the 14 principles calls for acknowledgement and compensation for ongoing treaty impacts. "The level of benefits to the Province, which is currently primarily in the form of the Canadian Entitlement, does not account for the full range of benefits in the United States ... or the impacts in British Columbia." ...more
Analysis: Dreaming Of Salmon Above Coulee
The old dream of recolonizing salmon populations above Grand Coulee has made headlines in recent months as discussions have revved up over the future of the Columbia River Treaty and amending the region's fish and wildlife program. ...more

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