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NWF.320/July 18, 2013
Hydro BiOp At Half-Way Point; Agencies Report On Progress
Columbia Basin Action agencies--BPA, the Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers--are half way through implementation of the 10-year hydro BiOp and have concluded that it's going pretty well. ...more
Feds OK Lower Columbia Recovery Plan; Estimated Cost $2 Billion
NOAA Fisheries has finally approved a plan to recover stocks in the lower Columbia region, where Chinook, coho and chum salmon are listed for ESA protection. The recovery plan been in the works for years, with much of the heavy lifting performed by state and local agencies, and other stakeholders. ...more
Canadian Virus Lab Loses Its Reference Status, Reputation
A Canadian lab, used by anti-farmed-salmon advocates to support their claims that wild salmon from British Columbia tested positive for the infectious salmon anemia virus, has been stripped of its certification by the International Organization of Animal Health, the 178-member international body governing such testing. ...more
Columbia Summer Chinook, Sockeye Runs Get Upgrades
Columbia Basin harvest managers have bumped up their summer forecasts twice since July 1 when they downgraded the summer Chinook run to 60,000 fish from the preseason estimate of 73,500 (to river mouth). By June 29, the summer run is usually about 50 percent complete, when counted at Bonneville Dam. This year, that count was just above 32,000 Chinook. ...more
Oregon Passes Bill That Paves Way For Salmon Harvest 'Reform'
Just before adjourning, the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 830, which will implement Gov. John Kitzhaber plan to remove commercial gillnetters from the mainstem Columbia and reallocate more ESA-listed stock impacts to the recreational sector. ...more
BPA Gets More Complaints Over Possible CWT Spending Cuts
The forum that has completed a thorough evaluation of fish tag costs throughout the Columbia Basin cannot agree whether BPA should pay for tagging and monitoring hatchery fish that it has been funding since the early 1980s. ...more
Black Canyon Estimate Upped 32.5 Percent; Silt Destroys Fisheries
BPA will pay $53 million towards construction of a third hydroelectric generator at the Bureau of Reclamation's 10.2-MW Black Canyon diversion dam along the Payette River, 30 miles northwest of Boise, Idaho. ...more

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