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NWF.318/June 4, 2013
ISA Virus Monitoring Program Finds No Trace In West Coast Salmon
A collaborative effort to check Northwest salmon for signs of the ISA virus that decimated some farmed salmon stocks in Norway, Chile, the east coast of Canada, and Maine, has turned up only negative tests in its first year of monitoring. ...more
Spring Chinook Run Downgraded At Halfway Point
Just when Columbia Basin managers expected spring Chinook counts to take off at Bonneville Dam, numbers began tapering off, largely dashing any hope of coming close to the preseason prediction of 141,000 at the mouth of the river. By May 15, only 68,000 upriver springers had passed the dam. ...more
More Fishing Time For Spring Chinook Run
Harvest managers opened the lower Columbia for recreational fishers again May 25 and gave commercial gillnetters more chances to catch valuable spring Chinook. ...more
BPA F&W Spending Tops $13 Billion Since 1978
Since 1978, BPA's Fish and Wildlife spending has topped $13 billion -- excluding $2.27 billion in capital investments and $1.79 billion in federal credits -- according to the newest draft report for Northwest governors being written by staffers at the Northwest Power and Conservation Council. The Council is accepting comments on the draft report until June 7. ...more
Bonneville's Turbines Tuned To Reduce Fish Descaling
Since the middle of May, juvenile salmon have been showing up at several dams with excessive descaling after passing through bypass systems. The problem first showed up at McNary Dam, where debris, mainly rafts of tumbleweeds passing downriver from the upper Columbia, were stuck in the tailrace, and impinging on turbine screens. ...more
Corps Not Convinced Turbine Tweaks Will Help Young Sockeye
Fish and dam managers spent more time last week discussing ways to reduce descaling of juvenile sockeye at Bonneville Dam, after most of the fish folks drafted an official request for turbine op-erations designed to reduce water velocity in the bypass system. ...more
Washington State Will Appeal Culvert Ruling
On May 28, Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced the state would appeal the recent federal ruling (U.S. v. Washington) on culvert repairs to improve fish passage to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. ...more
Analysis: 2013 --Another Mixed Message From Mother Nature
The upriver spring Chinook run in the Columbia River will be lucky to hit 100,000 fish by June 15, which would make it the poorest return of the past seven years, despite gobs of flow and spill in the river when the little tykes headed out to sea on their grand adventure in 2011. ...more

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