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NWF.315/March 29, 2013
Science Panel Takes A Hard Look At Hatchery Policies
The Independent Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) didn't mince words during the March 13 meeting of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, when it briefed members of the four-state compact on its latest review of the science behind the region's 2009 fish and wildlife program. They said the program could actually be hindering efforts to restore ESA-listed fish runs in the Columbia Basin, but nobody knows for sure. ...more
Judge Calls For Large Cut In Chinook Release At Oregon Hatchery
Wild fish advocates didn't win the injunction against hatchery releases into the Sandy River they asked for, but a federal judge did order a reduction in the number released this year. ...more
Managers Select Possible Ocean Harvest Options
The Pacific Fishery Management Council has picked three options for coastal fishing regimes this year, and will make a final decision next month after hearing from constituent groups at public meetings throughout the region. ...more
Water Supply Declines To 90 Percent
March precipitation throughout the Columbia Basin was a mixed bag, running 129 percent of average above Grand Coulee, but only 67 percent in the Snake Basin above Ice Harbor. Overall, through Mar. 25, monthly precip levels in the Columbia above The Dalles were at 99 percent, and 102 percent for the Oct.-Mar. time frame. ...more
Latest NMFS Analysis On Seasonal Barging Strategy
Federal scientists from NMFS' Science Center in Seattle say their latest analysis of fish transport clearly shows benefits during the month of May over young salmonids that pass federal dams on the lower Snake River via bypass systems. But their analysis doesn't really answer a bigger question--whether barged fish return at higher rates [SARs] than fish that pass dams via spillways. ...more
Power Council Calls For Amendments To F&W Program
The Northwest Power and Conservation Council has begun its twice-a-decade process of amending the BPA-funded fish and wildlife program for the Columbia Basin. With costs approaching $250 million a year for the direct program, the Council will be soliciting the review as overseer of the spending and scientific review of habitat projects, hatchery programs, and much of the research involved in salmon recovery. ...more
The Wright Stuff: An Exit Interview With BPA's Steve Wright
In public speeches during the closing weeks of his tenure as BPA Administrator, Steve Wright repeatedly warned that his biggest concern was not the agency's Oversupply policy, salmon or FERC, but an email someone sent him last June. It reported that during a recent meeting, "folks didn't bring their policy people but their lawyers." ...more

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