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NWF.314/March 7, 2013
Ocean Workshop Looks For New Ways To Use Research
A day-long Feb. 14 workshop that reviewed the latest research on salmon and ocean conditions showed just how much the success of recovery actions depends on factors outside our control. ...more
Federal Judge Upholds Lethal Removal of Sea Lions
NOAA Fisheries has convinced a federal judge that its plan to remove some salmon-munching sea lions from below Bonneville Dam by lethal means is perfectly legal. U.S. District Judge Michael Simon ruled Feb. 15 in favor of the federal agency after the Humane Society of the United States took NOAA to court, trying to curb lethal removal of the marine mammals. ...more
$58 Million In Fish Tagging Efforts Get More Scrutiny
A year-long effort to review the far-flung fish tagging efforts in the Columbia Basin will result in some recommendations by May, according to Therese Hampton, who updated the Northwest Power and Conservation Council at its Feb. 12 meeting. Hampton chairs the Fish Tagging Forum, which was put together by the Council in March 2011 to examine costs and benefits of the various tagging methodologies in the basin. ...more
NMFS' Pesticide BiOp Thrown Out On Appeal
The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, based in Maryland, has thrown out a 2011 decision handed down by the Western Washington District Court that supported a 2008 biological opinion regulating the spraying of several pesticides near salmon streams in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California. ...more
Good News For Fall Chinook Everywhere
Columbia Basin harvest managers are predicting 678,000 fall Chinook to return to the river this year, with close to 433,000 upriver brights (URB) heading for spawning grounds at Vernita Bar, near Hanford. ...more
Washington Removes Catch Limits For Some Salmon Predators
Washington's fish and wildlife commissioners have voted to remove the daily catch limits for channel catfish and the daily catch and size limits for bass and walleye in parts of the Columbia and Snake rivers and their tributaries to help recovery efforts focused on ESA-listed salmonids. ...more
Chelan PUD Says HCP Working At 10-Year Check-In
Chelan PUD announced Mar. 4 that the 50-year Habitat Conservation Plan developed to improve dam passage and fish runs in the Upper Columbia has reached one of its main goals--no net impact to salmon from operation of the utility's two dams. ...more
Water Supply Still Near Normal Thanks To Early Precip
This year's water outlook is very different compared to the last three years, said Steve King, at the Mar. 7 briefing from NOAA's Northwest River Forecast Center in Portland. King said recent years were marked by lots of precipitation from mid-March on, sometimes into early summer, that turned below-average water years in much bigger ones. ...more

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