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NWF.312/January 17, 2013
Washington Follows Oregon's Lead, Kicks Gillnets Out Of Mainstem Columbia
Washington's F&W commission unanimously voted Jan, 12 to restructure the commercial gillnet fishery in the Columbia River, making it illegal to use gillnets in the mainstem river. Oregon F&W commissioners approved the new plan last month for their own fishermen. There are about 250 active Washington-based licenses, but only about 200 gillnetters from both states that currently fish those waters. ...more
Gillnetters Appeal Oregon Harvest Changes
Lower Columbia netters have asked the Oregon Court of Appeals to throw out last month's decision by the state's fish and wildlife commission to end gillnet fishing of lower mainstem waters and restrict fishing to select areas near where salmon are raised in net pens solely for harvest by the commercial fleet. ...more
Latest Data Shows Barging Fish Still Best For Most Snake Stocks
Most hatchery spring/summer Chinook smolts barged from the lower Snake River dams show higher SARs [smolt-to-adult return rate] than fish allowed to migrate inriver, according to some late December 2012 memos from the Fish Passage Center to regional hatchery managers updating the FPC's ongoing PIT-tag survival study. ...more
NOAA Builds Its Own Crystal Ball For Fish Predictions
By tracking biological and climatic variables in the Pacific, scientists from NOAA Fisheries and Oregon State University say they have been able to accurately predict spring Chinook returns to the Columbia River for the past couple of years. ...more
Customers Irked At BPA's Call For More Dialog With Fish Advocates
BPA invited representatives of the fish-advocacy community to a Jan. 17 presentation of recent hatchery research by the Columbia Basin Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. Some in-vitees were plaintiffs in long-standing litigation over hydro operations. ...more
Experts Say Cutting Chinook Harvest Won't Help Killer Whales
A panel of expert fishery scientists has finalized its report on the science behind the federal government's contention that cutting salmon harvests would improve the lot of ESA-listed southern resident orca populations. ...more
Lamprey Comeback May Depend On Ocean
A new peer-reviewed paper suggests that Columbia Basin lampreys may be on the comeback trail, a situation that could have more to do with improving ocean conditions than anything else. ...more
Energy Dept. Picks Bill Drummond For New BPA Administrator
Department of Energy secretary Steven Chu announced Jan. 16 the appointment of BPA's deputy administrator Bill Drummond to head the power marketing agency after current BPA head Steve Wright retires next month. ...more
Power Council Picks New Leaders For 2013
The Northwest Power and Conservation Council had voted Oregon member Bill Bradbury to chair the four-state body for the upcoming year. ...more

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