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NWF.309/October 19, 2012
Juvenile Chinook Survival Second Highest In Recent Years
Federal scientists from NOAA Fisheries Science Center in Seattle have released their preliminary results from this year's salmon migration through the Columbia/Snake hydro corridor, noting that nearly 60 percent of juvenile spring chinook survived from the Snake River trap (near Lewiston, Idaho) to below Bonneville Dam. ...more
Study Says Hatchery Fish Are Boosting Idaho Chinook Run
Results of a study by several Northwest fish biologists, published in the peer-reviewed journal Molecular Ecology, show that hatchery fish have helped to boost overall fish runs when they were allowed to spawn with a wild summer chinook population in Idaho's Johnson Creek, a tributary of the South Fork of the Salmon River. ...more
Snake's Fall Jack Count Signals Another Bonanza Likely In 2013
Judging from this year's jack counts at Lower Granite Dam, next year's return of ESA-listed fall chinook to the Snake River could be even better than this year's, which has been the second best since the lower Snake dams were built. ...more
Council Staff Recommends Changes For Data-Management Projects
A special committee tasked by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council with examining several F&W program data-management projects has suggested eliminating or reducing funding for some projects. The Program Evaluation & Reporting Committee (PERC) released its draft recommendations to the Council's F&W Committee on Oct. 3. Under review are several long-standing projects, and supporters were on hand to voice their concerns. ...more
First Brief Filed In Litigation Over NPCC's 6th Power Plan
An Idaho conservation group says the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's newest Power Plan (2009) shortchanges fish and wildlife mitigation, and has gone to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to try and prove it. ...more
El Niño Possibility Dims As Tropical Pacific Grows Cooler
The tropical Pacific is continuing to cool, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology reported Oct. 9, in its latest ENSO update, continuing "its retreat from El Niño thresholds for the second consecutive fortnight." The Bureau said ocean temperatures stayed within neutral ranges, neither El Nino nor La Niña. ...more

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