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NWF.308/September 27, 2012
BPA VP Apologizes For F&W Budget Woes
Lorri Bodi, BPA's vice president for environment, fish and wildlife, went before the Northwest Power and Conservation Council Sept. 11 and did her best to explain how the power marketing agency got into its current budgetary pickle over fish-and-wildlife spending. ...more
Oregon Sportfishing Groups Switch Sides On Gillnet Measure
Several sportfishing groups that campaigned for a hard-to-place measure on Oregon's November ballot to outlaw non-tribal gillnetters now say they will oppose it and support a proposal put forth by Gov. John Kitzhaber last month. ...more
Science Panel Looks At Estuary Restoration
The Independent Science Advisory Board, which occasionally weighs in on salmon recovery issues, has given generally high marks to a program for improving fish habitat in the Columbia estuary, where efforts led by BPA and the Corps of Engineers have restored nearly 3,000 acres in the lower river. ...more
Oral Argument Over Sea Lion Removal Scheduled For October
Attorneys for the Humane Society of the United States traded briefs and barbs with the federal government earlier this month as both sides prepared for a showdown in Oregon District Court over the lethal removal of sea lions near Bonneville Dam. ...more
Snake Fall Chinook Run Running A Close Second To 2010 Record
More than 28,596 wild and hatchery fall chinook passed Lower Granite Dam by Sept. 26, running a close second to 2010's record 28,596-fish count by that date. ...more
Chance Of El Niño Weakens, Aussies Say
The Australian Bureau of Meteorology announced Sept. 25 that equatorial Pacific waters had "cooled slightly" over the past two weeks, "easing toward neutral values (neither El Niño nor La Niña)." ...more
Commentary: BPA's 75th Birthday Generates Legacy Reflections
On a splendid late-summer day in the Columbia River Gorge, my wife Janice and I joined the crowd gathered to formally celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of Bonneville Power Administration and the Bonneville Dam. ...more

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