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NWF.307/September 4, 2012
BPA Tries To Slow Fish & Wildlife Budget Increases
BPA says it has to put the brakes on fish and wildlife spending because costs are increasing faster than they had expected. As more projects, especially from the Fish Accords, have come on line, the power marketing agency is feeling the squeeze before the fiscal year ends in September. ...more
Feds, BiOp Plaintiffs Meet Out Of Court For A Change
NOAA Fisheries and Action Agencies invited BiOp plaintiffs and some other stakeholders in the hydro litigation to a meeting last week in Portland to "learn about upcoming opportunities for engagement in salmon recovery efforts in the Columbia Basin and in the 2013 FCRPS Biological Opinion Remand." The general public and the press were specifically not invited. ...more
Corps Nixes Fish Managers' Request To Delay McNary Fish Trucking

The Corps of Engineers said it would begin trucking smolts from McNary Dam on Aug. 17 as planned, despite a last-minute request from Columbia Basin fish managers, including NOAA Fisheries, to delay the action until water temperatures cooled behind the dam.

Oregon Governor Goes After Non-Tribal Gillnetters

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber has told his state's fish and wildlife commission to start rulemaking for transitioning Oregon's lower Columbia gillnetters to harvest areas outside of the mainstem Columbia. He said the action is needed to reduce the neuters' impact on ESA-listed stocks, but he still supports future mainstem if they are more selective, like purse seining.

Hastings Bill Reins In Chu Memo; Promotes Hydropower
Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Wash.) held a hearing in Pasco, Wash., Aug. 15 on a bill that would promote hydropower by declaring it a renewable resource. The proposal, which Hastings introduced Aug. 1, would also slow actions proposed under Energy Secretary Steven Chu's controversial March 16 memo on the future role of power-marketing agencies. ...more
Steelhead Run Coming Up Short, Fall Chinook On Schedule
By the last week in August, fall chinook numbers began climbing at Bonneville Dam about a thousand fish a day, until more than 44,000 had been counted by Aug. 28. It's slightly below the 10-year average for that date, but tracking almost exactly with last year's numbers. Harvest managers expect more than half a million to pass the dam -with the halfway point around Sept. 7. ...more
Analysis: Out Of The Global Warming Frying Pan And Into The News Cycle
In late June, I was on vacation, heading back to a future when global warming is supposed to really kick in, but I was getting there via a late-19th century passenger car, being pulled by a squatty narrow gauge steam engine, rattling over a 10,000-foot pass on the New Mexico- Colorado border in the southern Rockies. ...more

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