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NWF.304/June 8, 2012
Virus Outbreaks Deadly For Northwest Fish Farms
In recent weeks, fish farmers in British Columbia and Puget Sound destroyed hundreds of thousands of pen-raised Atlantic salmon from two sites after a lethal virus was detected in the fish. ...more
Snake Spring Run One Of The Best In Last 50 Years
Harvest managers may have been wildly optimistic about the prospects of this year's upriver spring chinook run in the Columbia River, and though notoriously late, it has still turned out to be one of the best since dams on the lower Snake were built, where much of the upriver run is headed. ...more
Judge Denies Motion To Stop Killing Sea Lions At Dam
A federal judge in Oregon District Court denied a motion last week for a preliminary injunction that would keep states from lethally removing California sea lions preying on spring chinook at Bonneville Dam. By the time he announced his ruling, the marine mammals had pretty much disappeared from the scene of the crime. ...more
Turbines Tweaked For Juvenile Sockeye At Bonneville
Hydro managers adjusted turbine operations at Bonneville Dam on May 15 after sockeye smolts showed excess descaling from passing through the bypass system at Powerhouse 2 along the Washington shore. ...more
Corps Versus Cormorants: Round Two
A new fence and a daily dose of harassment by college kids have reduced the number of double-crested cormorants nesting on all of East Sand Island in the Columbia River Estuary. The fence was put up to see if it could be part of the Corps of Engineers' long-term strategy to reduce avian predation on ESA-listed salmon and steelhead smolts. ...more
Oregon Anti-Gillnet Initiative Will Likely Make Ballot
Buoyed by $500,000 in contributions from a single Washington resident, the supporters of a bill that would end non-tribal gillnetting in Oregon waters had collected more than 92,000 signatures by May 25, about 5,000 more than required by the state to place the measure on the November ballot.. Five days later, backers announced they had topped 105,000 signatures, and were submitting them to the Oregon secretary of state for early verification. All signatures must be turned in by July 6. ...more
Lorenzen Appointed to NPCC
Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber appointed Pendleton attorney and rancher Henry Lorenzen on May 16 to serve on the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, subject to Senate confirmation on May 21. ...more

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