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NWF.301/March 27, 2012
Reviewers Give Strong Support For BPA-Funded Ocean Research

An independent review of several projects investigating what happens to young salmonids after they leave the hydro system received an enthusiastic thumbs-up from the Independent Scientific Review Panel (ISRP) at the Northwest Power and Conservation Council in Portland on March 6. ...more

Feds OK Lethal Removal Of Sea Lions

NOAA Fisheries announced last week that it will again be legal for states to kill some of the salmon-munching California sea lions at Bonneville Dam that have been showing up for years to chew on ESA-listed upriver spring Chinook. But the agency has already been hauled into court by the Humane Society to try and block the action. A hearing on Mar. 22 may provide some answers. ...more

Colvilles Want Closer Look At Upper Columbia Fish Runs

A recent study completed for the Colville Tribes and supported by the BPA-funded Fish Accords has suggested that upper Columbia spring chinook and steelhead encounter higher adult mortality than Snake River stocks between Bonneville and McNary dams. ...more

West Coast Harvest Options Unveiled At March PFMC Meeting

The Pacific Fishery Management Council unveiled its options for this year's salmon fishing off the Pacific Coast and any of the three options is great news for California fishermen, where record jack counts were seen in the Sacramento and Klamath rivers. ...more

Water Supply Hits 110 Percent At Grand Coulee; 108 Percent At The Dalles

The latest water supply numbers are slowly climbing with plenty of new snow in British Columbia to keep the forecast for the Columbia River at Mica Dam at 110 percent of average (April-Sept.) by March 21. Farther downstream at Revelstoke, it was 108 percent. ...more

Million Dollar Payday For Environmental Attorneys

Federal defendants in the years-long litigation over the hydro BiOp have agreed to pay plaintiff lawyers nearly a million dollars for their fees and costs related to their challenge of NMFS' 2004 BiOp through May 2008, and appeals through October 2008. ...more

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