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NWF.300/March 2, 2012
Wild Snake Fall Chinook Return Triples Recovery Goal Again

Lost in the barrage of large numbers that salmon managers from various agencies have released over the past few weeks is their estimate of just how many wild ESA-listed fall chinook returned to the Snake River in 2011. ...more

Snake River Fall Chinook Redd Count Nearly Beats Last Year's Record

Aerial surveys between last October and December counted 2,837 fall chinook redds in the Snake River, according to information posted by Idaho Power and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. ...more

Salmon Futures Look Promising, But Jack Numbers Confound Analysis

As ocean conditions have improved lately, Columbia Basin chinook runs haven't been the only West Coast runs that exhibited off-the-chart jack counts last year, according to a new report from the Pacific Fishery Management Council, the agency that governs offshore harvest regimes. ...more

Managers Expect Fourth Largest Fall Return To Hanford Reach

Columbia Basin fish managers are expecting another banner year for fall chinook returning to the spawning grounds at Vernita Bar above Tri-Cities. If their preseason estimate materializes, the upriver bright forecast of 353,500 fish (to river mouth) would be the fourth largest return since 1964. ...more

2011 West Coast Ocean Salmon Fisheries Worth $32 Million

The economic value of last year's commercial troll harvest regime was higher than any time since 2007 and pegged at nearly $32 million by the Pacific Fishery Management Council, in a recent report. But was still the fourth lowest on record, due to severe harvest restrictions from 2008 to 2010 after California chinook stocks crashed. ...more

Canadians Develop Salmon Virus Surveillance Plan

The Canadian government has proposed to test nearly 5,000 samples of wild BC salmon annually for the next two years for any signs of three viruses, including ISA, the bug that environmental groups claimed to find in wild salmon last fall. ...more

Valentines For NOAA Administrator

Environmental group Save Our Wild Salmon sent NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenko hundreds of Valentines last month, carrying messages that echoed a recent filing by environmental attorneys in the hydro BiOp litigation. ...more

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