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NWF.299/February 9, 2012
NOAA Fisheries Scientists Say Ocean Conditions Are Prime

When this year's crop of Columbia Basin salmon and steelhead hit the ocean, federal scientists say the fish should see the most favorable ocean conditions observed in recent years. ...more

Ocean Researchers Defend Projects In New Report

A new report from BPA-funded ocean researchers says their work is important because without tracking the ups and downs of ocean productivity, underlying trends in freshwater productivity could be masked and "lead to a misinterpretation of the proximate cause of the trend." ...more

Corps Tries To Outsmart Cormorants

The Corps of Engineers is trying to put the squeeze on thousands of nesting double-breasted cormorants in the lower Columbia River, who may be chowing down on nearly half of the fall chinook produced by lower Columbia hatcheries. ...more

Science Panel Says FPC Bypass Analysis Leaves A Lot Out

An independent review of the Fish Passage Center's latest analysis of "latent mortality" says the FPC has not given enough consideration to alternative explanations that might explain the apparent higher mortality of fish that use bypass systems at federal dams compared to spillways, where survival is generally around 98 percent per dam. ...more

Columbia Basin October-January Precip Reaches Nearly Normal Levels

During the dry December, weather prognosticators were right on target when they said to expect plenty of rain and snow in January, when the extra kick from La Niña conditions was expected to show up in earnest. ...more

BPA Announces $5.3-Million Land Purchase In Columbia Estuary

BPA, the Corps of Engineers and the Columbia Land Trust announced last week the purchase of a 940-acre parcel on the Oregon side of the lower Columbia River. The $5.3-million deal will forever protect the land from development. ...more

Corps' 2012 Mitigation Budget Tops $124 Million For Columbia, Willamette

More than $40 million in spending for fish mitigation work in the Willamette Basin holds first place in the ranking of 2012 Columbia/Willamette projects by the Corps of Engineers, according to budget numbers recently released by the federal agency. ...more

Canada Can't Confirm ISA Virus In Latest Samples

Canada's Food Inspection Agency has not been able to confirm the presence of the ISA virus in fish samples from a West Coast DFO scientist, who had announced her positive findings at a three-day hearing on the virus held in Vancouver B.C. last December. ...more

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