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NWF.298/January 19, 2012
Latest Survival Data Good News For Barged Fish

Spring/summer hatchery chinook barged down the Snake River in 2009 had adult return rates ranging from 40 to 300 percent better than their inriver migrating counterparts, according to recent memos from the Fish Passage Center to some regional hatchery managers. ...more

Estimating Fish Benefits From Habitat Actions May Take Decades

Scientists from the ISRP, the panel that weighs the scientific merit of proposals in the BPA-funded fish and wildlife program, said last week that it could take up to 20 years to figure out how much good all that habitat spending in the Columbia Basin is doing. Or maybe even longer, they said in a presentation before the Northwest Power and Conservation Council about their 2011 retrospective report. ...more

Fish Fitness Will Get Another Look

Lower Columbia tribes told members of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council last week that their supplementation efforts are being singled out for more scrutiny than other Basin programs, and that it's largely due to what a panel of independent scientists thinks about them. ...more

Quick Productivity Decline For Hatchery Steelhead In Wild

Oregon State University researchers say it only takes one generation in the wild for the most productive hatchery steelhead from Oregon's Hood River to exhibit much lower productivity than hatchery steelhead which produce less than five siblings, according a paper publish in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a few weeks ago. Their article, "Genetic adaptation to captivity can occur in a single generation," reported that amounted to a whopping 71 percent less productivity ...more

Fish Virus Experts Testify In Vancouver

More evidence of a potentially lethal salmon virus came to light during testimony at a three-day federal government hearing held in Vancouver, B.C., in late December. But it could take some time for the region to digest other findings packed into more than 400 pages of downloadable reading. ...more

Water Supply Forecast Below Average, But Building

The newly streamlined and updated-daily April-September water supply forecast for the Columbia Basin at The Dalles was running 86 percent of average by Jan. 5, according to NOAA's River Forecast Center, and 90 percent by Jan. 18. Before the region got a good dumping of precipitation shortly after Christmas, the forecast was only 75 percent of average. ...more

Dukes To Chair NWPCC In 2012; Whiting Voted Vice Chair

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council last week elected Oregon member Joan Dukes to chair the four-state body for the coming year. ...more

Big Spring Chinook, Sockeye Runs In The Columbia Predicted For 2012

Columbia Basin harvest managers are expecting 314,000 spring chinook to show up in the Columbia in 2012, after the second largest jack count on record materialized last spring. ...more

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