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NWF.296/November 11, 2011
Canadian Government Can't Confirm B.C. Salmon Virus

Canadian government officials said Nov. 8 in a join-agency press conference they were unable to confirm the presence of the ISA virus in samples of wild B.C. sockeye smolts. The samples had shown signs of the virus in previous tests in a different lab. ...more

Fish Virus Possibly Detected In Adult Fraser Coho, Chinook, Chum

While a Canadian government laboratory is working to confirm the presence of a potentially lethal salmon virus in two wild British Columbia sockeye smolts, fish advocates announced last week that the virus has also been detected in a wild adult coho in the Fraser River, hundreds of miles from where they collected the juvenile sockeye last summer. They suspect that the virus has been released into the wild from B.C. fish farms, though there is no evidence to support this allegation. ...more

Snake Fall Run Second Highest Since Dams Built--Or Is It?

Nearly 25,000 hatchery and wild fall chinook have been counted crossing Lower Granite Dam, making it only the second time the run has passed 20,000 fish since the dams were completed in the early 1970s, according to information on the University of Washington's DART website. ...more

How Many Fall Chinook Expected After Condit Is Removed?

With the breaching of southern Washington's Condit Dam last month, fish biologists are already dreaming of the future -- when thousands of fall chinook return to the White Salmon River and spawn naturally in the three miles of good spawning habitat that will open up when the rest of the concrete is removed from the lower Columbia tributary. ...more

BiOp Plaintiffs Ask For Settlement Judge To Iron Out Differences

Plaintiffs in the hydro BiOp litigation have panned the federal agencies' recent report on how well BiOp actions progressed in 2010, and have asked that a settlement judge be appointed to hasten matters. ...more

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