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NWF.294/September 22, 2011
High Flows Play Havoc With Juvenile Hydro Survival

NMFS scientists say juvenile survival of PIT-tagged salmon and steelhead through the hydro system was lower this year than the previous two years, despite one of the highest flow regimes of the last 40 years. ...more

Lower River Predation By Pinnipeds May Trump Losses At Dam

The process that determines whether some salmon-munching sea lions at Bonneville Dam should be killed for doing what comes naturally took another step forward last week, when NOAA Fisheries announced it had accepted an application from Washington, Idaho and Oregon to do just that. ...more

Most 2010 Barged Fish Beat Inrivers, Study Finds

Despite the court-ordered spill regime in place at Northwest federal dams, most PIT-tagged juvenile spring chinook and steelhead in 2009 still made out better if they were barged through the Columbia and Snake hydro system instead of swimming through it, according to a draft study released Aug. 31 by the Fish Passage Center. ...more

Fall Chinook Run Comes On Strong; Hatchery Fishery Opens In Snake

The upriver fall chinook run is going strong, and likely hit its peak day Sept. 5, when more than 18,000 fish were counted at Bonneville Dam. By Sept. 7, more than 150,000 had passed the dam, and the total hit nearly 320,000 two weeks later. ...more

No Smoking Gun For Sockeye: Inquiry Into 2009 Fraser Run Failure Nearly Finished

While a Canadian government inquiry into the 2009 sockeye debacle is drawing to a close, this year's Fraser sockeye run has beat the preseason median forecast by about 50 percent, and it's now pegged at 4.59 million fish, according to the latest word from the Pacific Salmon Commission. ...more

La Niña Back Again, Says NOAA

On Sept, 8, NOAA's Climate Prediction Center said increased cooling in the equatorial Pacific, both on the surface and beneath it, has led them to switch their alert system to a La Niña "Advisory" from a La Niña "Watch." ...more

Wild Fish Advocates Threaten Lawsuit Over New Elwha Hatchery

The day after demolition began on the upper of two dams on the Elwha River, several conservation and fishing groups said they would sue the federal government and state agencies to keep them from stocking the river with non-native steelhead. The fish are slated to be produced at a planned $16-million hatchery that is part of the $325-million restoration plan. ...more

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