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NWF.293/August 26, 2011
No Changes In Latest Status Review Of Listed Fish Stocks

Don't expect to see any ESA-listed fish stocks in the Columbia Basin being delisted anytime soon. It's a process that will likely take decades, if NOAA Fisheries' latest status report is any indication. ...more

Upper Willamette Recovery Plan Approved By NMFS

After beefing up a draft to put more emphasis on reintroducing wild fish populations above flood control dams, a 25-year plan to recover ESA-listed spring chinook and steelhead in Oregon's Willamette River has been approved by federal authorities. ...more

50-Percent Chance Of Another La Niña This Winter

Just two months after NOAA declared La Niña officially over, it issued another La Niña Watch, on Aug 4. With large Northwest watersheds still shedding the remains of last year's huge snowpack, weather prognosticators say there's a 50-percent chance the region could endure another colder, wetter winter than average in 2012. ...more

States Re-Apply For Lethal Removal Of Sea Lions

Northwest fish agencies are once again starting the process that could lead to killing some Sea lions at Bonneville Dam for dining on ESA-listed spring chinook. In an Aug. 18 letter to NOAA Fisheries they said the marine mammals are having a "significant negative effect" on the fish recovery effort. ...more

Niners Uphold Lake Roosevelt Water Plan

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld last week an Eastern Washington District Court decision that supported the Bureau of Reclamation's analysis of a Washington State plan to draw 82,500 acre-feet of water from Lake Roosevelt each year to add irrigation water for farmers, more water for downstream `cities and more flows for fish. ...more

Fall Chinook Begin To Show In Lower Columbia

This year's fall chinook run is running a little behind, if it actually turns out to be as large as harvest managers expect. By Aug. 25, 31,343 falls had been counted at Bonneville Dam--tracking the 10-year average nearly perfectly (31,214). ...more

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