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NWF.292/August 5, 2011
Judge Sends Mixed Message In Ruling On Salmon Plan

Federal judge James Redden ruled on Tuesday that the federal salmon plan for the Columbia Basin is good enough to stay in force through for the next two years, but after that it's too vague to ensure it helps fish. ...more

Analysis: Salmon Plan On Snooze Alarm

While we were all waiting in mind-numbing anticipation for U.S. District Judge James Redden to rule on the latest salmon plan for the Columbia Basin, some wild fish advocates were still creating plenty of mischief. ...more

Extra-Large Fall Run Expected In Columbia And Snake

When fish counters officially begin tallying fall chinook at Bonneville Dam on Aug. 1, it looks like they will get a bigger workout than last year, when they counted nearly half a million fall chinook passing by their windows. ...more

Tribes Unhappy After NMFS Suspends States' Authorization To Kill Sea Lions

The federal government has told the states of Washington and Oregon that they can't kill any more sea lions this year that could be munching Columbia River chinook. ...more

Anglers Nab Nearly 90,000 Pikeminnow

More than 500 fishermen have taken part in this year's program to reduce pikeminnow numbers in the Columbia and Snake rivers, and have landed 88,999 of them, according to BPA. ...more

BPA Sets 7.8-Percent Average Rate Increase

BPA released its final record of decision in the WP-12 wholesale power and transmission rate case July 26, establishing an average 7.8-percent wholesale increase in power rates. The increase will mainly cover costs for rehab of the federal hydro system, BiOp operations and fuel costs at CGS--which is now more than a month overdue from returning to service from its scheduled 78-day refueling outage. ...more

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