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NWF.291/July 15, 2011
High Flows Peak, But Plenty Of Water Still To Come

By July 1, Columbia River flows were down 20 percent from their spring peak at Bonneville Dam, but still pouring toward the ocean at a pretty good clip, around 400 kcfs. And there was still plenty of snow to melt. ...more

Power Council Wants More Answers From Ocean Research

Power Council members voted July 12 to recommend BPA funding for three ocean-going salmon research projects for one more year, but they could sink them after that if a year end-report doesn't answer some basic questions about how they fit into the salmon recovery program. ...more

Summer Chinook, Sockeye Runs Strong

On July 5, Columbia Basin harvest managers reduced their preseason estimate of upriver summer chinook bound for the territory above Priest Rapids Dam, cutting the forecast of the run--made up of mostly non-ESA listed hatchery stocks--from 91,000 to 77,000 fish. Their original forecast was 126 percent of last year's return and would have been the largest since 1980. ...more

Canadians At Odds Over Mitigating Chinook Harvest Cuts

The Canadian government is still trying to figure out how to spend the $30 million forked over by the U.S. government to help ease the pain of their 30-percent reduction in chinook harvest off the west coast of Vancouver Island. However, the west coast trollers say the plan put forth by the government does little to ease their pain and they've gone to court over it, pitting their interests against other commercial troll groups in the province. ...more

New Fish Accord Proposed For Kalispel Tribe

BPA is taking public comment until Aug. 1 on a proposed 10-year agreement with the Kalispel Tribe that would help complete Bonneville's obligations to mitigate wildlife impacts due to the Albeni Falls Dam on the Pend d'Oreille River. The Kalispel Reservation is 55 miles northeast of Spokane. ...more

BPA Issues Report Card On Environmental Redispatch

Bonneville has curtailed 6.7 percent of the scheduled output of wind energy projects in its balancing authority since implementing the controversial environmental redispatch program on May 18, according to a redispatch report card issued by BPA last week. ...more

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