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NWF.290/June 23, 2011
Spring Chinook Run Ends With Another Puzzling High Jack Count

After a spectacularly slow start, this year's Columbia River spring chinook run pretty much ended up as predicted, with slightly over 200,000 fish returning (to river mouth). ...more

Water Supply Now 3rd Highest Since 1970

At the June 15 Technical Management Team meeting in Portland, regional fish managers heard from hydro managers that June has turned out just like the prior three months--far above average precipitation. ...more

Tern Colony Collapses In Columbia Estuary

Bald eagles moved in on Caspian terns at their nesting grounds in the Columbia River estuary last month, wreaking havoc on the colony at East Sand Island, and targeting other birds as well. Cormorants, terns and pelicans--who normally consume millions of young salmonids each spring--were now being stalked themselves. ...more

Harvest Managers Expect Strong Summer Columbia Chinook Run

Columbia Basin harvest managers expect this year's Columbia River summer run of 91,000 fish to be the largest return since 1980, and 126 percent of last year's return. Most are hatchery fish headed for the Upper Columbia, where the summer run is not listed under ESA protection. ...more

BPA'S 2010 F&W Costs Total $802 Million; $12 Billion Since '78

BPA's fish and wildlife program costs totaled more than $800 million in 2010, although as usual, the direct costs were only a modest portion of the power marketing agency's total annual bill ,when other factors--such as forgone revenues and power purchases that offset dam operations for fish--are included. ...more

Council Recommends Funding For Another $30M In F&W Projects

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council voted 6-2 last week in favor of BPA funding another $30 million worth of projects in its fish and wildlife program. The 40 or so projects will get no more than two years worth of funding, since many are experimental and their effectiveness has not yet been verified. ...more

Pacificorp OKs Condit Surrender, Sets Breach For October

PacifiCorp formally accepted FERC's terms June 13 to surrender its license for the 14.7-MW Condit Dam on southwest Washington's White Salmon River. The utility has given its contractor--Vancouver, Wash.-based JR Merit Industrial Contractors--the go-ahead for prep work prior to breaching the dam in October. ...more

BPA, BC Hydro Propose Long-Term Non-Treaty Storage Agreement

BPA and BC Hydro are working on a long-term agreement for the use of Canadian non-treaty storage water that would replace the seasonal agreements the two utilities have used since 2006 to manage 5 million of the 20 million acre-feet of water stored behind Mica Dam. ...more

Latest Review Keeps Oregon Coastal Coho On ESA List

NOAA Fisheries says that Oregon's coastal coho populations, first listed for ESA protection in 2008, are still at a moderate risk of extinction. On June 17, they released their latest biological review, which says the ESU is still likely to become endangered in the foreseeable future. ...more

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