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NWF.285/March 1, 2011
Analysis: BiOp Fight Nears End, Or Does It?

As I penned that headline the other day, I asked myself whether I really believed it. Could this salmon plan, litigated in one form or another since environmental and fishing grounds filed the first paper on May 3, 2001, really be coming down to the wire? Or will Judge James Redden ask for even more actions to save salmon, similar to what happened in May 2009, when he told federal agencies what they still needed in the BiOp before he would approve it? ...more

Snake Basin Fall Chinook Redd Count Breaks 2009 Record

Biologists counted nearly 5,626 redds in the Snake Basin in 2010, topping the old record set the year before by nearly 2,000. ...more

Another Record Run Expected For Natural-Origin Snake Fall Chinook

Columbia Basin harvest managers are estimating that 17,500 Snake River natural-origin fall chinook will return to the Columbia this year. That would be nearly two thousand more fish than returned last year, which was a big surprise. Managers had only expected about 5,300 wild falls to return in 2010. ...more

Spring Chinook Season Nearly Here

Columbia Basin harvest managers said they will manage this year's spring chinook fisheries with a 30-percent buffer to make sure fishermen don't catch more than their allotted share if the run comes up smaller than expected. ...more

New Report Says WDFW Lowballed Value Of Commercial Fishing Industry

A new report says a 2008 study commissioned by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife undervalued the economic value of the state's commercial fishing industry by 25 times. ...more

La Niña Conditions Weakening In Equatorial Pacific

The equatorial Pacific is once again beginning to warm up after La Niña conditions peaked in January. Most climate models are forecasting a return to normal conditions by next winter--but it could come back again. ...more

NWPCC Adds Another Montana Subbasin To Region's F&W Program

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council has voted to add the Blackfoot River Subbasin in Montana to the region's fish and wildlife program. ...more

Bodi No Longer 'Acting' V.P. At BPA

Lorri Bodi has been named BPA's vice president for environment, fish and wildlife, the agency announced last week. She had been serving as acting VP since June 2010. ...more

Hydro Operations For Fish Complicate Wind Generation

BPA formally asserted its reasons and rights to displace wind generators without payment as a last-resort measure under certain surplus-power conditions, in a draft record of decision issued Feb. 18. ...more

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