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NWF.283/January 13, 2011
Feds Say New BiOp Comes With No Guarantee, But That's OK

Federal attorneys came out swinging in their Dec. 23 brief, presenting a spirited defense of the latest version of the region's salmon plan that has been subjected to lumbering litigation since the 2000 BiOp was successfully challenged by environmental and fishing groups in 2003. It's been in court ever since. ...more

Pacific Ocean Partially Demystified

NMFS researchers think that next spring's chinook run in the Columbia River will likely be one of the better ones in recent years, but probably not as good as 2010's 318,000-fish return. However, the 2012 return may prove to be very mediocre, but the following year will likely be pretty good for counting fish. ...more

Scientists Call For Years-Long $25 Million Study Of Basin Food Webs

After a two-year study of their own, a panel of independent scientists says the region needs to undertake another 10 to12 more years of study to look beyond the "exclusive focus" of the four H's to unravel the complicated food webs in the Columbia Basin. ...more

Task Force Says Sea Lions Should Be Shot

The National Marine Fisheries Service's Sea Lion Task Force says the current hazing program at Bonneville Dam to reduce sea lion predation on spring chinook does not work, and that Washington and Oregon state authorities should direct more effort at removing the pesky marine mammals altogether. ...more

Huge Redd Count On Lower Snake Encourages Biologists

Idaho Power reported Dec. 29 that 2,944 salmon redds had been counted between Hells Canyon and Asotin, Wash.--a 40-percent increase from the previous year. ...more

First Columbia Basin Water Forecast Estimated At 103 Percent

The first seasonal water supply forecast, released Dec. 16 by NOAA's Northwest River Forecast Center, has pegged the April-Sept. 2011 flows in the Columbia at The Dalles at 103 percent of average, which fits right into the La Niña weather pattern that is likely to remain through next spring. ...more

Oregon Senate Confirms Bradbury To Power Council Slot

More than three months after Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski appointed Bill Bradbury to represent Oregon on the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, the Oregon Senate confirmed the move Dec. 16. ...more

Power Council Officers Re-Elected To New Terms

At this week's meeting of the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, chair Bruce Measure and vice-chair Dick Wallace were re-elected to new terms for 2011. ...more

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