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NWF.282/December 10, 2010
Tribes Defend Supplementation Efforts

Lower Columbia tribes mounted a vigorous defense of their hatchery supplementation programs last month in the same arena where federal scientists criticized most hatchery programs back in September. ...more

Barging Gets High Marks At Research Review

Northwest salmon researchers have been frantically crunching numbers for the past several weeks, getting ready to report on the latest results at the Corps of Engineers' annual research review. ...more

Lower Columbia Dams Getting Close To Survival Goals

Results reported at last week's annual research review sponsored by the Corps of Engineers show the four mainstem dams on the lower Columbia are close to reaching performance goals for passing juvenile migrating salmonids mandated in the 2008 hydro BiOp. The latest survival estimates were based on acoustic-tag data collected by various researchers from the Corps of Engineers, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the University of Washington, the US Geological Survey's Columbia River Research Lab, and private consultants. ...more

From Boom To Bloom? Federal Scientists Discount Volcano Theory

NOAA Fisheries scientists aren't impressed with a Canadian theory that suggests this year's return of 30 million sockeye to the Fraser River was helped by a 2008 volcanic eruption in Alaska. ...more

Counties Clobber Feds' Hatchery Plans For Columbia Basin

Counties on both sides of the lower Columbia River weighed in recently with criticisms of the feds' draft environmental impact report of Mitchell Act hatcheries, saying the document should be tossed out and completely revised. ...more

Niners Halt Controversial Lethal Sea Lion Removal

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Nov. 23 that salmon-munching sea lions at Bonneville Dam cannot be killed anymore.

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Nov. 23 that salmon-munching sea lions at Bonneville Dam cannot be killed anymore. ...more

BPA Proposes 8.3-Percent Rate Increase

BPA is proposing to increase its priority firm wholesale power rate by 8.3 percent starting next October, the agency said last week. But the increase could grow to 8.5 percent if parties to the residential exchange program litigation fail to nail down a tentative settlement. ...more

Harvest Managers Expect Nearly 200,000 Upriver Springers Next Year

Columbia Basin harvest managers looked at more than 40 models just to try and figure out how many 4-year old spring chinook may be coming back to the mouth of the river this year, and when all was said and done, they estimated that 158,000 fours and 40,000 fives will show up. ...more

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