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NWF.281/November 3, 2010
Salmon BiOp Back On Front Burner

Plaintiffs in the decade-plus legal dispute over how to save Columbia River salmon filed their latest memos last week that tears into the federal government's fish plan. Plaintiff environmental and fishing groups and intervenor Oregon state argued the Obama administration's add-ons to the 2008 hydro BiOp, known as the Adaptive Management Implementation Plan and repackaged with the 2008 plan, are just more of the same old federal line. The new package is called the 2010 Supplemental BiOp. ...more

Sea Lion Task Force Gets Mixed Messages

NOAA Fisheries convened its 18-member sea lion task force last week to explain how well the program is working to reduce spring predation on salmon around Bonneville Dam. ...more

Fall Run Gets Extra Boost From Ocean Harvest Cuts

With goodly numbers of salmon returning to spawning grounds and hatcheries throughout the Northwest, one run in particular may be benefiting from good ocean conditions and harvest cuts far beyond the mouth of the Columbia--the lower river wild "tule" stock that is under ESA protection. ...more

Willamette Wildlife Agreement Too Rushed, Critics Say

Some customer groups said last month that BPA should scuttle a proposed $154-million mitigation agreement with the state of Oregon for the Willamette River watershed unless it can be clarified to say that it "completely extinguishes" the power marketing agency's wildlife obligation forever. ...more

Bull Trout Critical Habitat Expanded Nearly Five-Fold

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Oct. 12 that it is significantly expanding the "critical habitat" for ESA-listed bull trout in the Northwest. ...more

Proposed Washington Irrigation Diversion Studied

A plan to use Columbia River water to replace groundwater for irrigation in Washington could result in a net energy reduction from the Columbia River power system ranging from 31 to 72 aveage megawatts, according to the Bureau of Reclamation and the Washington State Department of Ecology. ...more

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