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NWF.279/September 13, 2010
Fraser River Sees Largest Sockeye Run Since 1913

Canadian harvest managers stunned the region two weeks ago when they said 15 million sockeye were still milling around the mouth of the Fraser before heading upriver to spawn. Then they tacked another 4 million sockeye onto their Aug. 20 run update, which had estimated 30 million sockeye would be returning to British Columbia's most famous salmon river this year. Last Tuesday, they tacked on yet another half a million fish to their estimate. ...more

Fall Chinook Run Picks Up Steam

The fall chinook run in the Columbia River began to show real signs of life shortly after fish managers closed the popular Buoy 10 chinook fishery near the mouth of the river at the end of August. More than 140,000 more fish showed up the following week. By Sept. 11, 260,000 had been counted at Bonneville Dam. Managers have said for years that the run is usually half over by around the 7th. They had originally estimated more than 660,000 fall chinook to return to the mouth of the Columbia, with nearly half a million heading above Bonneville Dam. ...more

Most 2008 Snake Runs Did Better By Barge, Says FPC Analysis

According to the Fish Passage Center, PIT-tag analysis shows that most Snake spring/summer chinook and steelhead smolts that were barged downriver from lower Snake dams in 2008 did better in the long run than the inriver migrators who had been treated to the court-ordered extra spill at federal dams. ...more

Supplemental BiOp Takes Hits From Oregon

Plaintiffs have reheated most of their old arguments with the 2008 BiOp in their latest attack on the 2010 Supplemental BiOp, based on the newest filings in the nearly decade-long struggle to develop a legal salmon plan for the Columbia Basin. ...more

New Type Of El Niño Could Confound Forecasts

Scientists from NASA and NOAA have released a study that highlights a different type of El Niño than the ones we are used to--where most of the warming water is located in the central Pacific Ocean, rather than the eastern Pacific. ...more

Analysis: Reality Check At Redfish Lake

The excellent sockeye returns this year to tributaries of the Columbia have given renewed hope to salmon recovery addicts like me. ...more

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