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NWF.278/August 13, 2010
It's Official: La Niña Will Stay For Winter

Think rain and plenty of snow next winter for Northwest watersheds--that's the Aug. 5 prognosis from NOAA's Climate Prediction Center. ...more

Feds Tackle Hatchery Reform

NOAA Fisheries has finally released its draft of alternatives for future operation of Columbia Basin hatcheries, hoping to reduce adverse impacts on wild populations of salmon and steelhead, which only make up about 20 percent of the returning salmonids. ...more

Report Says Invasive Mussels Could Gain Foothold In Upper Snake

The potential cost of battling invasive mussel species in the Snake River could top $200 million a year, according to a new report produced by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council's independent economic advisory board [IEAB]. ...more

NW Sockeye Runs Full Of Surprises

Columbia River and Snake River sockeye aren't the only runs in the region responding to extra-productive ocean conditions in 2008, when the fish went to sea. ...more

Idaho Sockeye Will Get New Hatchery

With ESA-listed sockeye returning to Idaho in record numbers, the run is showing the benefits of an expensive captive broodstock program for the third year in a row. ...more

First Take On Columbia River Treaty Options Released

If the Columbia River Treaty remains in place after 2024, the Canadian share of downstream benefits will continue to decline at a slower rate than anticipated, putting added cost pressures on BPA and the Mid-Cs to deliver the Canadian share. ...more

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