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NWF.277/July 9, 2010
Sockeye Run Breaks 1947 Record

Columbia Basin harvest managers last week bumped up their estimate of this year's sockeye run to 375,000 fish after Bonneville Dam counts stayed above 10,000 per day far longer than most anyone had expected. ...more

Summer Run Downgraded; Big Fall Return Expected

But some other salmon stocks are not surprising managers in a good way. Last week, they downgraded the summer chinook run from 89,000 to 82,000 fish. Most of the summer chinook are headed for hatcheries in the upper Columbia region. ...more

June Rains Push Basin Water Supply To 76 Percent Of Normal: La Niña On The Way

The Northwest River Forecast Center bumped up the January-July water supply (Columbia at The Dalles) to 77 percent of normal on July 1--a healthy boost from the previous month's 66 percent. The forecast is based on observed precipitation through June 28, with future precip assumed normal. ...more

State Of The Ocean--2009

In their review of last year's ocean conditions, Canadian biologists called 2009, "the year of the Humboldt Squid." That's because the warming waters off the Pacific Northwest hosted the jet-propelled predators in numbers never before seen. ...more

Fraser Sockeye Prediction Gets Complicated

After getting burned big time over last year's Fraser River prediction, Canadian biologists have developed a more complicated way of trying to estimate this year's return. A DFO paper released in June says that three alternative scenarios have been developed to deal with uncertainty over future survival--each representing a different level of productivity. ...more

Enviros Sue NWPCC Over Newest Power Plan

The Idaho-based Northwest Resource Information Center filed a lawsuit July 6 in the Ninth Circuit Court that claims the latest power plan developed by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council illegally inflates the cost of salmon mitigation and ignores the benefits of increased fish runs. ...more

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