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NWF.275/May 27, 2010
Spring Chinook Run Declining Fast

The daily chinook count at Bonneville Dam dipped below a thousand last Thursday, for the first time since April 9, signaling that the spring run may not even hit the revised estimate of 340,000 (to the river mouth) released by harvest managers May 17. The run officially ends June 15. ...more

Amended Salmon Plan Handed Back To Judge

NOAA Fisheries used every bit of its three-month allotment to tidy up the 2008 hydro BiOp before handing it back to U.S. District Judge James Redden May 20 for one last chance at coming up with a salmon plan that will pass legal muster. ...more

Fish Managers Tap Dworshak To Help Smolt Migration

Fish managers last week decided to uncork Idaho's Dworshak reservoir for a few days to help young spring chinook and steelhead make it through the reservoir above Lower Granite Dam. ...more

Libby Sturgeon Pulse Complicates A Lousy Water-Year

The Corps of Engineers is planning to release a week-long pulse of water from behind Libby Dam next month to see if it will help wild ESA-listed sturgeon to spawn in their optimal habitat in the Kootenai River above Bonners Ferry, Idaho. ...more

Stelle Back As Regional NMFS Head

Northwest attorney Will Stelle has his old job back as regional NMFS administrator, as of June 1 ...more

New Hatchery Gets Final Nod

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council gave the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation approval to construct a $40-million hatchery below Chief Joseph Dam on the Columbia River. ...more

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