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NWF.263/June 19, 2009
80,000 Jacks Can't Be Wrong, Or Can They?

The upriver spring chinook run in the Columbia River is officially over, but thousands of fish bound for the Snake River are still passing Bonneville Dam, along with more jacks than seen in living memory. In fact, about half of this year's 170,000-fish spring run has turned out to be jacks. ...more

Canada Ocean Report: 2008 Coldest Water In 50 Years

Like most of the waters off the West Coast, the Pacific Ocean off British Columbia was super salmon-friendly last year, according to a new report by Canada's Department of Fish and Oceans. In fact, these waters were the coldest of the past 50 years. ...more

Sockeye Run Starts Strong As Summer Run Cranks Up

Summer runs are beginning to show in the Columbia River, with sockeye rolling in at the same clip as last year's huge run. They are passing Bonneville Dam at more than 5,000 a day. ...more

Corps Fights Birds At John Day Dam

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers shut down operation of their temporary spillway weirs at John Day Dam June 4, after efforts to reduce smolt predation by gulls below the dam failed to deter the ravenous avian predators. ...more

More Data Shows Hatchery Steelhead Relatively Unfit For Reproductive Duty

A years-long study of hatchery and wild steelhead in Oregon's Hood River has found even more startling results than researchers announced two years ago, when they found returning hatchery fish significantly underperformed wild fish when spawning in the wild. ...more

Sea Lions Split For The Season

As the spring chinook season tails off into summer, most of the salmon-munching sea lions at Bonneville Dam have taken a powder break and are heading for breeding grounds off Southern California and Baja. ...more

Feds' Report Outlines NW Climate Change Impacts

The Northwest has already begun to see the impacts of climate change, according to a report issued June 16 by the U.S. Global Change Research Program, a group of 13 federal agencies overseen by executive office of the President. The report is an effort to aggregate federal research on climate change. It offered regional summaries, including one for the Northwest. ...more

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