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NWF.262/May 28, 2009
Spring Jack Count Going For New Record

Those precocious male salmon that return a year early are messing with Columbia Basin fish managers' heads again this year. ...more

Optimism Wanes As Judge Offers 'Guidance' Over BiOp Changes

An Oregon federal judge has released a letter that makes good his promise to offer guidance to the Obama administration in its study of the new hydro BiOp. But Judge James Redden's suggestions are not exactly what BPA customers were looking for. ...more

Obama Officials Get Crash Course In New Salmon Plan

Two high-ranking members of the Obama Administration came out West earlier this week to hear from scientists and sovereigns involved in the latest plan to operate federal dams and recover ESA-listed salmon and steelhead. The public was not invited. ...more

New Colville Tribal Hatchery On Track For Full Funding

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council voted earlier this month to continue the planning process for a $37-million tribal hatchery just below Chief Joseph Dam on the Columbia River. Construction is slated to begin in 2010. ...more

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