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NWF.261/May 6, 2009
Is Time Running Out For Spring Chinook?

By the third week in April, nervous Columbia Basin fish managers finally relaxed a little after spring chinook fish counts finally began climbing at Bonneville Dam. On April 23, more than 2,000 were tallied past the dam, more than twice the entire season's count through April 18. ...more

Stimulus Spending Gives Hydro BiOp A Big Boost

The Corps of Engineers will replace barbecue grills at parks near federal dams, fix habitat in the lower Columbia, and dredge more of the shipping channel between The Dalles and Vancouver, Wash., as part of the $4.6-billion windfall in spending created by the Federal economic stimulus package. ...more

Estuary MOA May Save Agency Jobs And Fish

A proposed agreement between action agencies and the state of Washington to improve Columbia estuary habitat will likely benefit more than just juvenile fish. It may also help a few folks at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife avoid losing their jobs to the state's budget crisis. ...more

NOAA Releases More Pesticide Rules

The National Marine Fisheries Service released April 20 a biological opinion on three more pesticides that could hurt ESA-listed West Coast salmon and steelhead. The three--carbaryl, carbuforan and methomyl, are the latest to be scrutinized of 37 pesticides the agency had promised to review over the next three years. ...more

Oregon Anti-Gillnetting Bill Dies In Committee

Last week, proposed legislation in Oregon died that would have pushed commercial gillnetters out of the mainstem Columbia. It failed to move out of committee by the April 27 cut-off date. ...more

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