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NWF.260/April 16, 2009
Hatchery Operations Get Serious Scrutiny

The value of habitat restoration could double if Northwest salmon hatchery managers change the way they do business and harvest reforms are implemented, according to a new report released March 27. ...more

BiOp Judge Wants Breaching Language Added To Salmon Plan

All parties in the BiOp litigation huddled with federal District Court Judge James Redden April 2 after federal defendants requested a meeting to discuss concerns the judge raised at a March hearing on the latest salmon plan. At that time, Redden made it clear that he thought more estuary restoration was needed in the new plan. ...more

Analysis: Judge Alarmed Over Extinction Clock

BiOp judge James Redden surprised everyone at a recent meeting among litigants (no public or court reporter allowed) with his continual references that Snake River salmon were going extinct by 2017. He seems to have been misled by an old study that has since been proven to be totally wrong. ...more

Cold River, Slow Start To Chinook Season

By April 13, fish counters at Bonneville Dam were still twiddling their thumbs, wondering where the great spring run of 2009 had got off to. This year's expected upriver run of around 300,000 chinook has fueled high expectations, but with only a little more than a thousand fish over the dam so far, fish managers were meeting to discuss possible changes to the fishing season--which is slated to end April 22 for recreational anglers. ...more

Salmon Closure Hits Cal, More Opportunity In NW Waters

The Pacific Fishery Management Council has voted to keep California and southern Oregon ocean waters closed to commercial salmon fishing this coming season. But they did adopt a 10-day chinook season for recreational fishers off Eureka and Crescent City. ...more

Water Supply Improves 10 Percent From February

After continuing above-average precipitation throughout much of the Northwest, the water supply numbers got a big shot in the arm April 7 with the release of the latest estimate for runoff. The April-August supply at The Dalles bumped up 5 percent to 89 percent of average from the week before. That's a full 10-percent increase since the end of February. ...more

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