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NWF.259/March 24, 2009
Pretty Good BiOp, Says The Judge

After getting answers to a list of increasingly pointed questions during oral arguments, BiOp Judge James Redden seemed to give qualified approval March 6 to the federal government's latest salmon plan. But he said the feds need to add more habitat actions, particularly in the estuary. ...more

Council Hears Hot Fish Predictions

Last year, federal scientists saw more baby spring chinook off the mouth of the Columbia than any other year since they've been keeping track. ...more

Ocean Is Number One Suspect In Sacramento Fish Declines

A pre-publication report released by NOAA Fisheries last week laid the blame for the Sacramento chinook decline at the feet of Mother Nature. ...more

Niners Nix Challenge To Feds' Hatchery Policy

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a NOAA Fisheries hatchery policy after a federal district court ruled nearly two years ago that it violated the ESA. ...more

Mark-Selective Chinook Fishery A Possibility Off Washington Coast

The Pacific Fishery Management Council will likely recommend another year off for salmon fishers in California and Southern Oregon, but expects more fishing opportunities off Washington than last year. Included in their options out for public review, is one that calls for a mark-selective fishery for recreational fishers between Westport and the Columbia River area. ...more

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