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NWF.258/March 4, 2009
NWPCC Approves New, More Expensive F&W Program

The Northwest Power and Conservation Council unanimously approved last week the latest revisions to the Columbia Basin's fish and wildlife program. ...more

Judge Sends Mixed Message Over New BiOp

BiOp judge James Redden sent a mixed message to attorneys in a letter that contained a list of questions he wants answered at the March 6 hearing, when oral arguments will be heard on the legality of the government's newest 10-year salmon recovery plan. ...more

BiOp Judge To BPA: Can You Tap Stimulus Money For Salmon?

BiOp Judge James Redden added two more questions to the recent list of queries he wants answered during oral arguments set for March in Portland about the latest plan for saving salmon and operating dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers. ...more

Robust Forecasts For Columbia Coho, Fall Chinook

Preliminary forecasts released during the past week boosted the likelihood that more than 2 million salmon may return to the Columbia River this year. But rather than celebrating the expected bounty, fishers are fighting among themselves over which group gets the lion's share. ...more

Colvilles Call For More Selective Fishing To Save Summer Run

The Colville Tribes say their wild summer chinook runs will disappear without a more coordinated effort between states and other tribes to manage harvest in the Columbia River. ...more

Niners Deny Appeal: Sea Lion Trapping To Begin

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has denied a last-ditch motion by the Humane Society to stop the lethal removal of California sea lions preying on ESA-listed salmon at Bonneville Dam. ...more

West Coast Salmon Numbers Expected To Improve

This year's fall chinook run on the Sacramento River is expected to double last year's worst-ever return of 66,000, but that would still put it near the bottom--the third lowest return since 1992. Last year, sport and commercial salmon fisheries in northern California and southern Oregon were shut down for the first time in history. ...more

Oregon Senate OKs Bill To Fund Klamath Dam Removals

The Oregon Senate passed a measure Feb. 17 to underwrite removal of four Klamath River hydroelectric dams with a 2-percent surcharge on PacifiCorp's customers in the state. ...more

Last-Minute Sparring Over Salmon Plan

With a final face off in court between environmental groups and federal agencies over the Columbia Basin's newest salmon plan just a couple of days off, e-mailed rhetoric from coalitions like Save Our Wild Salmon has flooded congressional offices, and received an unusually strong rebuke from BPA. ...more

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