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NWF.255/December 4, 2008
More Scrutiny For New Fish Projects Likely

Staffers from the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, BPA and tribal attorneys are developing a document to guide the scientific review of salmon-recovery proposals developed in recent agreements between some states, tribes and the federal agencies responsible for the new hydro BiOp in the Columbia Basin. ...more

Enviros, Oregon Call For Even More Spill, Flow In 2009 Dam Operations

Environmental and fishing groups, along with the state of Oregon, have asked for even more spill at Columbia and Snake River dams than BiOp Judge James Redden has OK'd for the past three years, according to a motion for preliminary or possible permanent injunction filed Nov. 25 in Federal District Court in Oregon. ...more

Columbia River Sea Lions May Bite The Bullet

A federal judge in Oregon has ruled that some sea lions may be lethally removed to reduce salmon predation at Bonneville Dam. In a Nov. 25 decision, Oregon District Court judge Michael Mosman agreed with federal attorneys, who argued that the potential action was necessary because the estimated 4-percent take of spring chinook by the marine mammals at the dam was "significant." The feds had argued the action was warranted because federal agencies had taken corrective action in other areas with similar levels of adverse effects on the listed fish. ...more

Salmon-Munching Bass Getting A Closer Look

A popular Northwest game fish, smallmouth bass, may eventually be found on 'Most Wanted' posters up and down the Columbia River as a major killer of young ESA-listed salmon. Like northern pikeminnow, they may end up with a price on their heads. ...more

Puget Sound Action Agenda Unveiled

In the face of the worst state budget crunch in the past 30 years, the latest effort to restore the waters of Puget Sound got a resounding sendoff earlier this week when the Puget Sound Leadership Council voted to approve its Action Agenda for both near-term and longer-term. Led by ex-Puget Sound salmon czar Bill Ruckelshaus, the group presented a relentlessly upbeat message to clean up the Sound by 2020 at a public meeting on Dec. 1. ...more

NOAA Fisheries Releases First Pesticide BiOp

NOAA Fisheries announced Nov. 18 new rules governing the use of three common pesticides near salmon streams. The agency issued a BiOp that is a result of a settlement between environmental groups, EPA and NOAA Fisheries that was reached last August, when the federal fish agency agreed to complete consultations on the effects of 37 pesticides on West Coast salmon and steelhead, with the] first three to be completed by the end of October. ...more

WDFW Director Koenings Resigns

Washington Fish and Wildlife director Jeff Koenings announced Dec.1 that he will resign, effective Dec. 11. He has headed the agency head for 10 years, coming from a position at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. ...more

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