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NWF.254/November 10, 2008
Feds File Strong Defense In Latest BiOp Case

Federal agencies have filed a vigorous defense of their latest salmon plan, with backing from three lower Columbia Indian tribes that switched sides earlier this year. ...more

If Hydro BiOp Flops, So Does New Harvest Plan, Irrigators Say

A feisty group of Northwest irrigators has raised some serious questions about the latest salmon plan that is about to be tested in court. They say future agreed-upon harvest rates will ensure that the recovery of Snake River fall chinook will never be reached. ...more

Study Finds Similar Fish Survival In Fraser, Columbia Rivers

A fish survival study published two weeks ago that found young chinook fared no better in a river without dams has rocked the popular media and led some fish advocates to question the validity of such work. ...more

No More March Spill At Bonneville For Early Hatchery Release

Some fall chinook fish production will move from Spring Creek Hatchery above Bonneville Dam to the Bonneville Hatchery, just below the dam, according to an agreement signed Oct. 23 by action agencies and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. ...more

Analysis: What Kind Of Bang For A Billion Salmon Bucks?

BPA has placed a billion-dollar bet that the new BiOp will pass judicial muster and lead to 10 years of stress-free salmon recovery, uncontested hydro operations and no more debate on dam breaching. ...more

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