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NWF.253/October 20, 2008
Columbia Basin Coho Run Comes On Strong

The stock markets may have tanked over the past few weeks, but coho salmon futures look brighter than ever. Columbia Basin harvest managers have doubled their estimate of this year's coho run after a strong showing of the late-season salmon in the lower river. ...more

Science Panel's Spill/Transport Review Faces More Scrutiny

At the Oct. 2 IT meeting, NOAA Fisheries thanked the independent science panel for their recent report recommending changes to the feds' spring transport policy, but said it wasn't sold on the idea. ...more

New Harvest Proposal Irks Netters

Recreational fishers of the Columbia River are pushing for a big change in salmon harvest regimes--one that would push commercial gillnetters out of the mainstem altogether and concentrate the netters' efforts in the "select" areas where fish are now raised to complement their catches. ...more

Niners Reverse District Court Ruling Over Harvest Lawsuit

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court overturned a district court ruling last week that found several fishing conservation groups did not have standing to sue the federal government over its support of Canadian harvest levels allowed under the Pacific Salmon Treaty between the U.S. and Canada. ...more

BiOp Judge To Go On Tour

The federal judge in the long-lived BiOp case, James Redden, has accepted an invitation to tour salmon-enhancement projects sponsored by three Columbia River tribes. ...more

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