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NWF.248/June 26, 2008
Enviros, Oregon Go After New Hydro BiOp

Longstanding BiOp plaintiffs fired the first shot across the bow of the new hydro BiOp last week, by filing a "supplemental" complaint in federal court. ...more

Science Panel Blesses Feds' Passage Model

A panel of independent scientists has reiterated its earlier recommendation for Columbia Basin fish biologists to concentrate on finding out whether fish do better in barges or in the river, instead of trying to quantify latent mortality linked to dam passage. ...more

Enviros Send Feds' BiOp Bill

Earthjustice attorney Todd True sent his bill to the federal government for blowing the last FCRPS BiOp [NWF v. NMFS] out of the water. ...more

BPA Calls For Changes In Fish Recovery Yardsticks

The Northwest Power and Conservation is getting in deep, thousands of pages deep, as the process to amend the region's fish and wildlife program picks up steam. By June 12, 65 sets of recommendations from fish agencies, tribes and citizens came in for review, followed by 144 comments on those recommendations. ...more

Ocean Stays Cool, But pH is Dropping

Researchers who spend most of their time bobbing about on the deep Pacific have returned to their home ports with some good and bad news. ...more

B.C. Fishers Expect Big Cuts From Treaty Changes

The brunt of the 30-percent Canadian harvest cut negotiated in recent salmon treaty talks is expected to be borne by the 160-boat commercial troll fleet that plies the waters off Vancouver Island. ...more

Summer Season Starts With Big Sockeye Bang

Summer chinook season officially began on the Columbia River June 15, with a new harvest regime designed to target hatchery fish heading for the Upper Columbia. But the late spring run was still much in evidence, and one sportfishing group called their members to released any unmarked chinook, even though it was not a legal requirement. ...more

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