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NWF.247/May 28, 2008
U.S., Canada Cut New Harvest Deal To Save More Chinook

U.S. and Canadian negotiators announced May 22 a new, 10-year agreement for reducing harvest impacts by B.C. and Alaska fishermen on chinook stocks from Washington and Oregon, including some listed for ESA protection. ...more

Spring Chinook Run Downgraded By 30 Percent

This year's spring chinook run in the Columbia River was expected to be one of the best -- maybe the third-largest since Bonneville Dam's completion in 1938. ...more

BPA'S 2007 Fish Bill Adds Up To $716 Million

BPA spent more than $700 million on fish and wildlife last year, according to a report compiled by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council for Congress that has been released for public comment. ...more

High Flows, Debris, Affect Fish Passage At Dams

Dam operators and fish managers agreed last week to raise screens at Bonneville Dam's second powerhouse to reduce injury to juvenile fish caused by debris pinned to the screens in front of the turbines. The screens are designed to guide fish into the dam's smolt bypass system. ...more

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