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NWF.246/May 9, 2008
New BiOp Based On Best Science And Better Collaboration, Say Feds

Touting a new sense of collaboration with Northwest states and Indian tribes, NOAA Fisheries released May 5 its final version of a 10-year plan to save both salmon and federal dams in the Columbia Basin. ...more

BPA Customers Raise Big Questions Over New F&W Agreements

BPA customer groups are calling for their own memorandum of agreement with Bonneville and other action agencies that spells out how the agreements reached earlier this month with Columbia Basin tribes and states are supposed to fit into the region's current fish and wildlife programs. ...more

Super-Hot Sport Fishery Shuts Down Early

Columbia Basin harvest managers shut down the hot sport fishery below Bonneville Dam April 21 to keep from exceeding impacts to ESA-listed chinook. With catch rates higher than any time before 2000, recreational fisheries were expected to harvest more than 22,000 hatchery spring chinook by then. ...more

Feds Declare West Coast Salmon Fisheries Official Failure

NOAA Fisheries officials briefed the press last Thursday to explain why they have accepted recommendations from the Pacific Fishery Council to shut down most West Coast salmon fishing this year and declare a "fishery failure." ...more

Mysterious Sea Lion Deaths Haunt Salmon Run

On April 24, eight sea lions were trapped, including two Stellars, which were released. Several had previously been branded and been trucked to the Tacoma zoo, where they were being held for transfer to Sea World Orlando. The others were driven downriver to Astoria and released. ...more

Niners Deny Idaho Appeal Of 2004 Hydro BiOp

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has denied an appeal by the state of Idaho challenging the U.S. District Court decision that threw out the 2004 hydro BiOp. ...more

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