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NWF.245/April 11, 2008
BPA Buys Tribes' Support For New BiOp

BPA Administrator Steve Wright announced April 7 that the action agencies [BPA, Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation] have reached long-term settlements with four Columbia Basin tribes that would cost $900 million for 10 years' worth of more habitat restoration and hatchery improvements, while providing long-term funding certainty for many existing projects in the region's fish and wildlife program. ...more

PFMC Closes Most of West Coast To All Chinook Fishing

For years, Northwest fishermen have looked longingly at the huge salmon runs in California, fueled largely by stocks from the Sacramento River. But no more. ...more

Sporties Catch Thousands Of Chinook Below Bonneville Dam

While California fishermen were trudging through the halls of Congress trying to drum up support for an investigation of NMFS and the collapse of Sacramento River salmon stocks, Columbia River sportfishers were reeling in spring chinook right and left -- 4,441 by March 31, according to WDFW harvest manager Joe Hymer. ...more

Federal Court Upholds Puget Sound's ESA Harvest Policy

A federal judge in Seattle ruled against several conservation and fishing groups who had sued NOAA Fisheries to get more ESA-listed salmon back into Puget Sound streams. ...more

Humane Society Tries To Kill Fed's Bonneville Sea Lion Decision

The Humane Society and Wild Fish Conservancy have filed a complaint in federal district court in Oregon to stop the lethal removal of sea lions preying on salmon at Bonneville Dam. ...more

Alaska Cuts Chinook Quota Nearly 50 Percent

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has announced a big cutback in their year's Southeast chinook fisheries, down to 170,000 treaty chinook. The troll fishery would be allocated about 125,000 of the total, with the rest divvied up between the commercial seiners, gillnetters and the sport side, which is getting 31,350 chinook to catch this year. ...more

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