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NWF.244/March 20, 2008
Some Sea Lions May Die Over ESA-Salmon Diet

The federal government has given the go-ahead to kill up to 80 or so California sea lions that are expected to be munching through this spring's chinook run in the Columbia River. It's a decision most parties expected after the states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho asked for permission to take the drastic step more than two years ago, after the marine mammals began taking increasing amounts of spring chinook near Bonneville Dam. ...more

NW Salmon Runs Dodge A Bullet

For years, Northwest fishermen have looked longingly at the huge salmon runs in California, fueled largely by stocks from the Sacramento River. But no more. ...more

Puget Sound Stocks Still Doing OK

The extremely poor forecast for California's largest salmon run doesn't mean Puget Sound stocks will tank this year. Nearly 245,000 hatchery and natural fall chinook are expected to return, with more than 59,000 of them natural. And some of the Sound's biggest runs, like on the Skagit River, are expected to be exceptionally healthy, according to the late February forecast from the Pacific Fishery Management Council. ...more

Science Panel Questions TRT's 'Gap' Analysis

A technical analysis quantifying the overall improvement in fish numbers needed to recover Interior Columbia Basin salmon populations is too confusing, "potentially" misleading, and even contains too many typos, an independent science panel said last week. ...more

Action Agencies Reverse Course On Hatchery Spill Decision

Action agencies announced last week they will provide spill at Bonneville Dam for a 7.4-million fish hatchery release after all. ...more

Feds Will Look At West Coast Smelt Populations

NOAA Fisheries announced Mar. 12 it has accepted a petition from the Cowlitz Tribe to examine smelt populations for possible listing for protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Pending ...more

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