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NWF.243/February 28, 2008
Proposed 2008 Hydro Operations May Short Spring Chinook Survival

The deal offered to BiOp plaintiffs by federal attorneys last December may contain one huge glitch. ...more

BiOp Judge Nixes Call To Boost Bonneville Spill

U.S. District Court Judge James Redden upheld a Feb. 22 plan to roll over 2007 hydro operations for ESA-listed fish for this year. ...more

Fight Brews Over Upcoming Spring Harvest

With nearly 270,000 upriver spring chinook expected to show up in the Columbia River, sport and commercial fishermen have been sparring all winter over the shape of the upcoming season. It could be one of the biggest returns since Bonneville Dam was built in 1938. ...more

Spring Harvest Adjusted To Help Weak Willamette Run

Washington and Oregon harvest managers have reached a compromise over how to keep each state's recreational anglers and commercial gillnetters happy, while at the same time reducing impacts on a spring chinook run in the Willamette River that's expected to be the among the lowest in many years. ...more

Agencies Say No To Spring Creek Hatchery Spill

The Corps of Engineers said last week that it will implement most parts of a request by salmon managers to help Spring Creek hatchery fish over Bonneville Dam in early March, but it won't implement a key element -- four days of spill. ...more

92 Members Of Congress Say Feds' Columbia Salmon Plan Needs More Work

Nearly a hundred members of the House of Representatives have signed a letter to NOAA head Conrad Lautenbaucher that says the feds' new salmon plan new salmon plan doesn't go far enough. Since it doesn't study removing any Snake River dams, they said the new hydro BiOp should contain "a suite of measure, short of dam removal" that would give ESA-listed fish "safer" inriver migration conditions. ...more

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